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At Coronex, quality is our identity, driving strategy and shaping exceptional products and services. Embedded in our DNA, it ensures safety, compliance and surpasses customer expectations. Quality isn’t just a process; it’s our ethos, embodying our relentless pursuit of unparalleled excellence in all we do.

Our Quality , At Coronex, we firmly believe that the strength of an organisation goes beyond the superior quality of its products. It encompass- es a comprehensive approach, where all stakeholders and their expectations and needs are considered, and efficient processes are designed with a focus on minimal waste.

Our Quality Policy is not merely a document but a roadmap that directs us to set and achieve the right quality objectives in our day-to-day operations. It is a collective responsibility that each member of our organisation bears. We all possess the capability to influence and enhance the quality we deliver

Understanding that every market, region, company, and individual require tailored solutions to thrive, we embrace diversity. However, we are guided by six universal principles that act as the foundation of our quality policy:


Valued, Experienced Employees Produce Quality: We know that the calibre of our products and services is a direct reflection of the expertise and dedication of our people.

Learning Organization & Continuous Improvement: We strive to learn, evolve, and enhance our services and processes, perpetually pushing boundaries.

First-Time Right, Zero-Defect-Vision & Positive Error Culture: We aspire to get things right the first time, minimising errors, but wealso appreciate that mistakes are learning opportunities.

Efficiency Promotion & Best Practice Sharing: We encourage the propagation of efficiency and the sharing of best practices across our organization.

Certified Management Systems & Total Quality Management: We use proven methodologies and standards to ensure comprehensive quality control throughout our organization.

Quality Control Confirms Functioning Processes: We deploy stringent quality checks to ensure all our processes function as they should.


At Coronex, our culture is built on teamwork, engagement, ownership, and support. Everyone is crucial in achieving our quality objectives at all levels.
We adopt the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) mindset to persistently enhance all segments of our organisation persistently, maintaining our competitive edge in the markets we serve.
Our commitment is unwavering – we will never compromise on safety, compliance, or the quality of our products and services. Everyone in our organization understands their responsibilities and is empowered to take action to enhance our processes and products professionally.
This collective effort spans all times and places, wherever needed.
Quality is a relentless challenge, but it is a challenge we willingly accept because of the satisfaction of doing what is right. It inspires us, and at Coronex, we are always inspired to deliver beyond expectations.

Company Policy - Quality & Product Safety


Certified Management
Systems for Quality & Product

All our sites adhere to internationally recognized quality and product safety standards, validated by independent, accredited bodies. These certifications testify that our internal processes and authorities align with the highest global quality norms. More than mere validation, these certificates assure continuous improvement in error prevention systems, legal compliance across operational and business processes, and unwavering commitment to transparency, performance enhancement, customer-centricity, and beyond. At Coronex, our commitment to quality is not only promised; it’s certified.

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