Innovation Focus

At Coronex, innovation is not merely a growth driver it’s an integral part of our DNA that powers sustainable and profitable progress

Championing Advanced Innovation, Rigorous Research, and Enduring Sustainability

Synonymous with the philosophy of Coronex, the mantra "Au-delà de l'excellence", translating to "Beyond Excellence", symbolizes our relentless dedication to advanced innovation, rigorous research and development (R&D), and unwavering commitment to sustainability. These vital elements serve as the bedrock of our operations, steering us towards transforming the flexible packaging industry, pushing the boundaries of what's possible, creating groundbreaking solutions, and charting the roadmap for a sustainable future.


At Coronex, innovation is not merely a growth driver—it’s an integral part of our DNA that powers sustainable and profitable progress. Our mantra, "Au-delà de l'excellence", signifies our unwavering ambition to lead the charge in sustainable packaging innovation. We don’t simply follow trends—we aim to be the trendsetters, charting the course of the future with our audacious, cutting-edge R&D initiatives.

Revolutionizing Packaging Solutions

Living by our mantra, we strive to rethink packaging daily, placing consumers at the core of our innovation strategy. We don’t just cater to present needs; we anticipate and craft solutions that are primed to meet future demands. In doing so, we ensure our offerings are dynamic, innovative, and tailored to the evolving market landscape.


Pioneering the Future of Packaging

“Au-delà de l’excellence” encapsulates Coronex’s bold pursuit of unparalleled innovation, relentless R&D, and deep-seated environmental stewardship. As we continuously rethink, reinvent, and reshape, we foresee a future where packaging extends beyond its traditional role, emerging as a symbol of sustainability, convenience, and sophisticated design. Along with our partners, customers, and consumers, we are set to rewrite the narrative of the packaging industry, paving the way for a more sustainable and efficient tomorrow.

Milestones in Sustainability-driven
Packaging Innovation

Our aspiration to revolutionize the industry is manifested in our recent innovative models, each signifying a key milestone in our sustainability journey