Product Sustainability

Our commitment to sustainability reflects our philosophy of going “Beyond Excellence”. At Coronex Packaging, we strive for more than just commercial success. We aim to lead the way in sustainable packaging, demonstrating a heartfelt commitment to our planet and its inhabitants. Every innovation, product, and partnership is a testament to our dedication to care – for our customers, partners, planet, and future.

Coronex Packaging: "Au-delà de l'excellence" – Innovating Sustainable Solutions for a Greener Future

Designing with Care: Eco-Design Principles

At Coronex Packaging, sustainability is more than a strategy; it expresses our care for the world and its people. Our philosophy, "Au-delà de l'excellence", translates as "Beyond Excellence". It is reflected in our approach to product design. By incorporating eco-design principles, we create packaging that meets consumer needs and protects our planet. We continuously explore biodegradable materials to minimise environmental impact and express our unwavering commitment to the world we share.

product sustainabililty

Intelligent Innovation: Leveraging Digital and Smart Technologies

We embrace intelligent innovation, harnessing the power of AI and Machine Learning to optimise our manufacturing processes. This reduces waste, improves energy efficiency, and enhances our capacity to offer packaging solutions that reflect our deep respect for the environment and the welfare of future generations.


Caring for the Earth: Sustainable and Regenerative Sourcing​

Our commitment to care extends to our supply chain. We ensure our suppliers adhere to responsible environmental and social practices, demonstrating our respect for the people and places that contribute to our success. Going beyond sustainable sourcing, we aspire towards regenerative sourcing, promoting practices that reduce environmental impact and contribute positively to the ecosystem.


Promoting a Circular Future: Embracing the Circular Economy

We believe in fostering a future where waste is a concept of the past. Guided by the principles of the circular economy, we design our packaging solutions to be reused, recycled, or composted. Our pursuit of a “Circular Economy 2.0” involves implementing packaging take-back programs and collaborating with waste management entities. It embodies our care for the world, ensuring our products live on in new forms instead of ending up as waste.


In Harmony: Collaborative Innovation

Innovation becomes meaningful when it’s shared. We join with industry coalitions and multi-stakeholder initiatives, working alongside other companies, governments, NGOs, and academics. Together, we turn sustainability challenges into opportunities for creating a better world.